Do you want to SPEAK German? Let me help you!

Yes, I also teach German! 🙂

I was born in Poland but I moved to Germany in my early teens. I have both nationalities! I went to a German-English high-school and a German university before I moved to Spain. My parents and other relatives still live in Hamburg. I visit them and eat pretzels reguraly.

I will make you memorize a lot of important phrases and words within days! We will talk about ALL sorts of things (like if we were friends and we met for a coffee or were business partners and discussed statistics).

We will practice all skills (listening, writing, speaking and reading) but my MAIN GOAL will always be to make you feel comfortable and confident when using a foreign language! Each of my sessions is a very intense hour but the patience and hard work we put in the class, pays off very quickly.

All homework is adjusted to YOUR level and YOUR needs. Contact me to schedule a trial class for 20€. (Money return if you are not happy with the session. No questions asked!) 


Check out what people say about my classes:
  • I started from 0 with Martyna and within 3 months she made me able to speak German! – Lola (China)
  • Martyna has helped me to learn German from scratch by using an Try my dynamic & high-quality classes that will make you progress quickly! M. classes! A great teacher, I highly recommend her. – Bruno (Brasil) 
  • Las clases impartidas por Martyna son totalmente adaptadas y dedicadas a las necesidades particulares de cada estudiante. Dependiendo de las necesidades, busca ejercicios y teoria para ayudar a aclarar conceptos y la verdad, no puedo estar más satisfecha. He aprendido mucho en tan solo 4 semanas y he ganado mucha confianza! – Laia (Spain)
  • I have found Martyna to be a thoughtful and highly observant teacher. I have also been impressed by her sense of organization and preparedness for all her classes. Indeed I would say she is a person who has a natural gift for teaching. – David (England)
  • Estoy muy satisfecho de sus clases. Se adapta a mis necesitades. Muy profesional, trata de presionarme para que mejore pero sin agobiarme. Seguro que si pruebas una de sus clases te quedas con ella. – Matteo (Italy)

Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your availability, and the location (mine/yours) where you would like to meet.


Hi there, I will be happy to offer you a private session. Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your availability, and the location (mine/yours) where you would like to meet.


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